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Is your life one of constant meetings and a never ending To Do list?Do you feel burnt out a bit jaded?When was the last time you felt inspired, excited andinvigorated?There’s never been a better time to get your fire back than right now with this Stunning Sydney Bisexual DoubleEscape the monotony of your routine and feel the blood surging through your veins again with a world class bisexual doubles escort booking with the stunning Aria and GiselleAria and Giselle are the crème de la crème of bisexual doublesTogether, they make the perfect package. While Aria and Giselle are both unique in their own special ways, they share similarities in that they are both totally irresistible, jaw-droppingly beautiful glamours with perfectly toned, modelesque bodies; vibrant eyes and suggestive smiles. They are both carefree, with open-minded attitudes and warm, friendly personalities that will instantly set you at ease.Aria and Giselle are friends in real life and are even closer friends in the bedroom.These genuinely bisexual escorts share a wild, natural sexual chemistry between them that has to be seen to be believed. You will always find their interactions with each other and you to be authentic. They never fake their pleasure with each other – they don’t have to! They know exactly what turns the other one on.As lovers, they are experts at curating experiences full of luxury, indulgence,sensuality and unbridled erotica. Imagine sitting at the end of the hotel bed,watching as Aria playfully pins Giselle to the sheets, passionately kissing her, Aria’ssoft caramel curls spilling onto the bed as their full DD breasts press together…Maybe your fantasy is purely to watch, or perhaps you crave the momentwhen Giselle reaches for your hand, pulling you into the middle, their attentionsnow fully focused on your desires.These extroverted pleasure seekers love to have fun and party! There’s notmuch that Aria and Giselle aren’t up for. Forget your worries and let these twoexciting party girls take you by the hand and show you a side of the city (and aside of yourself) you’ve never seen before.Curious? Aria & Giselle would love to join you tonight. Contact Hush and let us make your threesome fantasies a reality.  

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  • Gender Female
  • Age 24
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Height 173 cm / 5'8''

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    • Location Australia, Sydney

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