Chanel Monroe

Take a walk on the wild side with Valentina James .This Hush honey is so hot she should come with a warning.The body of an angel mixed with the mind of a devil, Valentina lives up to her name.Think of Valentina as your own private pornstar. Sexy from head to toe, bold and mischievous, Valentina is a naturally dominant, alluring force of sexualnature. Don’t be surprised if she playfully pins you to the bed and threatens to have her way with you… Hand over the reins to this lascivious honey and you will be more than happy you did. Valentina will rock your world and stimulate you in way that you only thought were possible in your deepest fantasies. You are always guaranteed to feel the spark with this firecracker.A relentless seeker of erotic experiences Valentina’s open-minded attitude keeps the door open to all of your fantasises. Valentina has diverse interests in the bedrooms and a wickedly creative mind. She understands the unique desires of men and is very intuitive, making her the perfect playmate for men who seek a unique and unforgettable PSE.Naughty but nice personified, Valentina likes to play on the wild side, but is one of the sweetest and approachable escorts you will meet. A natural-born pleaser, Valentina is always willing to go the extra distance to make sure her lovers are having as much fun as she is. Valentina won’t be satisfied until you are.They say sharing is caring… so why not bring your partner into the equation? Valentina is a natural bisexual who loves to play with women too. Imagine watching this wild minx dominate your wife or girlfriend; your partner experiencing ecstasy at the fingertips and tongue of Valentina before the pairturn their attentions to you?A provocative, alluring force of erotic energy, Valentina delivers an exhilarating, exciting engagement every time.Just like embers of a fire, your memories of this stunning escort will remain long after your encounter.Are you ready to play with fire? Phone our office to book an appointment with Valentina . It’s that simple.

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